In this stage, you parents may notice that your little ones can sit without any help, crawl around and grab objects within their reach. They may not be good at using their fingers to grab objects but they will use the whole hands to help transferring, turning from side to side and twisting upside down.

They also love touching different types of textures. They will notice more of details. They will now be responsive to sounds. You may notice it from when they start to imitate sounds Since there are numerous toys available in the market and most of them are promoted to help enhance child development in various ways, whether it is a picture book helping kids with development of language and communication or a floating water toy promoting intellectual skills, interactive and imaginative skills. However, which one should parents go for? First of all, there are two aspects parents need to consider about:

1. ‘AGE’ - The toys parents choose should be suitable for their ages. Please do not rush your little ones. It takes quite a while for them to develop each skill. Therefore, it is not recommended to let them play toys that are below or above their ages due to their development skills and safety concerns.
2. ‘SAFETY’ - Your little ones are not aware of what could bring them danger. Therefore, their toys should not consist of small parts that can lose to prevent choking and strangulation.

What PlanToys® recommends are:

1. Baby Rattles: Since they are responsive to sounds, this kind of toys will stimulate your baby’s hearing sense. At PlanToys®, we also have babies category for supporting all babies. Our rattles come in various shapes whether they be Bunny Rattle, Bird Rattle or Baby Key Rattle. Not only hearing skills, your little ones will also enhance their fine motor skills as well.
2. Tactile and Sensory Toys: Your kids start to explore different types of textures, therefore introduce them to tactile and sensory toys would be a good idea! Our PlanToys® Sensory Tumbling is ready for kids to explore. This product comes with three different features which are tactility, auditory and visuality.
3. Vivid Color Books: Babies love colorful pictures! You may show them with some photo books or magazines.
4. Soft Touch Toys: These could be soft balls or baby books made from fabric.
5. Mirror Toys: Who would know that a mirror is one of the best toys for child development? When your little ones look at themselves in a mirror and see their own actions, they will develop language and communication, exploring, imaginative, visual, and emotional skills. Let PlanToys® Mirror Baby Book be their friends! This product comes with a large mirror with different textures on decorations. sources: Shelov, Steven P. "Age Four Months Through Seven Months." Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5. New York: Bantam, 2003. N. pag. Print.