Different kinds of materials require different methods to clean. If parents do the right way to clean toys, it will prolong their life cycles! Today, PlanToys® will share you with some tips of how to take care of these three main materials: wood, plastic and fabric. 1. Wooden-toys: - Use damp cloth to wipe or take toys to solarize for a short period to avoid having fungus. - For lacquered wooden toys, smooth and soft cloth should be used to avoid having rough surface on wood which can cause accident to your kids. 2. Plastic toys: - Wash them with water or baby’s bottle cleanser. - Then take them to solarize or wipe it dry. - Plastic toys should be cleaned weekly. 3. Dolls and fabric toys: - Wash and solarize them or keep it dry in breezy area. - This kind of toys should be carefully cleaned as they can cause dust mites, the cause of allergy. What parents should also consider when buying toys are choosing suitable toys for your kids’ ages, checking if those toys pass world-class qualifications and making sure they are non-toxic toys. All of these factors will fully bring enjoyment and happiness to both you and your little ones!