PlanToys Forest of Play

Welcome to the PlanToys Forest of Play

Forest of Play, Trang

Forest of Play Trang is an extension of the Forest of Play Bangkok as a large indoor and outdoor play area.
We have moved the Toy Museum here to be a total learning play area for children, families, and school field trips amid the authentic forest atmosphere.
We built the Forest of Play at Plan Campus, which used to be employees’ residences in Trang Province, close to our factory location.

PlanToys Forest of Play, Trang

The PlanToys Forest of Play is an outside play area open to the public in Trang, Thailand. It spans 64,000 square meters, serving as a creative outlet for our founder, Vitool Viraponsavan, and our team members to reimagine leftover materials from production. Its mission is to inspire children and their families, encouraging them to actively participate in sustainable-minded interactive activities and learn through play on a large scale.

The Forest of Play, Trang celebrated its grand opening on June 11th, 2021, (the 40th anniversary of PlanToys!)

Careful consideration goes into every part of our playful forest. We use leftover materials from production and salvage materials from buildings in Trang Providence. Some of these materials include leftover steel from power plants, tile, pipes and foundation from hospitals and construction sites. These materials construct the forest's architecture, including the restrooms. The geometric architecture represents the humanity of the project. It stands out against the picturesque land it occupies.

The Forest of Play consists of various abstract and representational structures, many of which depict animals in nature, extinct and present. Much of the architecture includes ladders, stairs, and tunnels that welcome and encourage physical play. Translucent shapes and panels in various hues invite curiosity and to view nature from another perspective.

Forest of Play, Bangkok

An inspiring play space where children and parents can enjoy play-based learning together.
The play space consists of various play stations that enhance physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.
Through our play space, we are able to impact our community positively by inspiring our children to grow up with a positive attitude and appreciation for the value of play.