Sustainable Play


The nature-inspired play space helps enhance all areas of child development.

The "Forest of Play" began as an exhibition showcasing interactive experiences, allowing children and families to participate actively. It was designed as a play space within Chulalongkorn University's Cultural Center. This exhibition also helps PlanToys set an example as a toy manufacturer, showing customers and the industry that our business extends well beyond wooden toy production. However, our dedication to conducting business with social and environmental responsibility led to the concept of repurposing factory waste materials into toys for the Forest of Play. 90% of the play stations are made from recycled materials from the PlanToys factory.

After the Forest of Play Exhibition ended, we moved the exhibit to the headquarters building at Sathorn 10. There are additional play areas where children can enjoy educational, active, musical, pretend, and nature plays in various ways. We intend to maintain this play area so that children and families can come and spend time together. At present, the Forest of Play Bangkok is not a permanent establishment but rather a dynamic space that can be relocated to different events and locations. This allows people in various communities to have better access to interactive play experiences.

In 2020, Vitool Viraponsavan, the founder of PlanToys, noticed the need for more play accessibility for children in Trang and southern Thailand. To address this gap, he established the Forest of Play Trang on a 64,000 sqm natural site to enhance learning through play and promote holistic development. The PlanToys Toy Museum can be found at this location as well.

Initially, the Forest of Play Trang location used to be the residence for PlanToys employees who relocated with us when we moved the factory from Bangkok to Trang, along with employees from other provinces, totaling over 40 families. However, as employees retired or moved to their own residences, Vitool repurposed the space into an indoor and outdoor play area. We open the play area on weekdays for school trips at no cost. On the weekends, it is open to the public. This initiative aimed to foster children's development in four key areas:

Physical development : Developing both fine and gross motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive development : Enhancing sensory perception, creativity, imagination, problem-solving skills, science, and mathematics skills, in addition to language usage.

Emotional development : Developing emotional intelligence (EQ), empathy for others, self-confidence, and mindfulness.

Social development : Encouraging cooperative interactions with others, respect for rules and regulations, and conflict resolution skills.

Furthermore, the Forest of Play Trang is situated amidst nature, allowing children to study and learn about various plant species and engage in activities that promote a deeper connection with the environment. Children can have fun while learning and cultivate an environmentally friendly mindset.