On the Fourth Decade of Toys Creation

On the PlanToys has been consistently developing its products and activities with a strong commitment to contribute positively to the world.
By implementing best practices and taking innovation of toy-making and design to the next level.

PlanToys Logo The first company to manufacture toys from reclaimed rubberwood

PlanToys are made with sustainable materials, including reclaimed rubberwood in Thailand. We were the first toy manufacturer to create toys by upcycling rubberwood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex and would otherwise be burned by using them to make toys for children.

PlanToys Rubberwood

International Safety Standards

All PlanToys products exceed international safety standards, including ASTM (USA) and EN71 (Europe).


The Nuremberg Toy Fair PlanToys Nuremberg Toy Fair

Plantoys participated in its first toy show: The Nuremberg Toy Fair


We acquired our first main customer in Australia: THE BE IMPORT


We acquired our first main customer in Germany: CONRAD KELLER


We revamped our logo to match the design that remains today! PlanToys Nuremberg Toy Fair


My First Dollhouse, the first PlanToys Prefabricated Dollhouse

PlanToys Dollhouse We produced our first prefabricated dollhouse, a user-friendly dollhouse that is easily assembled and transported. The PlanToys, My First Dollhouse, only requires ten screws!


PlanToys Doll FamilyWe released the Doll Family for the first time.


PlanToys Rocking Horse We launched our first large-scale toy, the Rocking Horse.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

We implemented sustainable packaging – using recycled paper and eco-fiber paper for packaging, bag, and printed materials.

PlanToys Sustainable Packaging

Water-based and non-toxic colors

PlanToys developed the use of water-based colors and non-toxic dyes for manufacturing. Today, no colors containing lead or other heavy metals are used in our production.

PlanToys Colors

The Sarnseang-Arun Cultural and Environmental Foundation

The Sarnseang-Arun Cultural and Environmental Foundation is established – highlighting the significance of public libraries, parks, and sustainable living.

The chemical-free process of treating the wood

PlanToys Wood Our chemical-free and kiln-dried process were refined. In our factory, we use this process to gradually eliminate moisture content from rubberwood and Maintain wood quality – making it durable for various conditions. This environmentally friendly method also helps reduce weevil problems.


We received ISO9001

PlanToys became Thailand's first wooden toy manufacturer to acquire the world-class Quality Management Standard Certification for product quality and customer service excellence.

The launch of Dancing Alligator, PlanToys’ iconic item

We launched the first Dancing Alligator! The pull toy with its unique design, function, and appearance. It became an iconic item of PlanToys until today.

PlanToys Rubberwood

PlanToys Children’s Museum in Trang

PlanToys Museum

The museum displays fascinating toys from around the world that are made of different materials alongside a timeline of PlanToys products. This place is for an educational tour for schools and families.

Road & Rail Set

PlanToys Museum

PlanToys enters a new market to target children interested in building and construction play. The launch of Road & Rail products makes us a trending leader in road-and-rail design toys.


Employee Saving Cooperative

We established a cooperative on March 29, 2002, known as the PlanToys Employees Savings Cooperative Limited, with a share capital of 2,627 USD. Currently, it has a total share capital of 1,164,594 USD and 323 members.

PlanToys Red Dot Design Award Red Dot Design Award: Tower Pounding

PlanToys’ Tower Pounding is the first PlanToys product awarded the Red Dot Design Award from Germany.

Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. Excellent design is selected by competent expert juries in product design, communication design, and design concepts.

ISO14001: Environmental Management System Standard Certification

We receive ISO14001, the Environmental Management System Standard, for our environmentally-conscious practices and Sustainable Way.


OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification

PlanToys pursues the Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification (OHSAS 18001). This certification ensures a safe and healthy work environment for employees in the office and factory. Currently renamed to ISO 45001.


SA 8000: Social Accountability International Certification

We acquired the Social Accountability International Certification (SA 8000), which emphasizes international human rights. We support self-sufficient development and fair wages and have zero tolerance for discrimination and child labor.

Annual Reforestation Program

PlanToys Plan Group We have been part of the Annual Reforestation Program with Plan Group since 2004. We start an annual reforestation program to preserve and restore watershed forests while cultivating environmental awareness and accountability. In this group, we participate by planting 2,000 trees annually, equivalate to 34,000 trees. Our afforestation can reduce carbon by 19 tCO2e/year. (One tree absorbs 9.5 kg of carbon)


PlanToys E-Zero Replace All Adhesive with E-Zero

PlanToys uses E-Zero-certified glue to prevent children from coming into contact with toxic chemicals.


Biodegradable Ink

We begin replacing the solvent-based ink with biodegradable and eco-friendly soy ink for all printed materials.

PlanToys Printed Materials

We shifted our brand positioning to be a Green Toy - Green Company


Solar energy

Solar energy is used to generate electricity at the PlanToys Children’s Museum to reduce electricity usage and our carbon footprint.

PlanToys Brings Smiles Project

In partnership with valued distributors, PlanToys works on designing and producing a collection of toys for children with special needs. These adaptive toys help enhance the development of children with cerebral palsy, autism, and visual impairment while also bringing tremendous joy to them.

Children and Community Club

Starting in Trang Province, Thailand, the club encourages children to participate in activities outside the classroom to gain hands-on experiences that benefit their learning and development.


Green Dollhouse, an Introduction to Learn & Play about Clean Energy

We launched the Green Dollhouse to teach children about clean energy and eco-friendly living. The dollhouse comes with energy-efficient features, including an electric inverter, adjustable blind, wind turbine, solar panel, rain barrel, bio façade, and recycling bins.

PlanToys Green Dollhouse

FSC Chain of Custody Certification

PlanToys receives the FSC Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certification is granted to companies that source wood from well-managed forests. A certified company is audited for its inventory, manufacturing practices, sales, invoicing, and record-keeping procedures.

PlanToys received Les Eco Tropheés du Cadre Vie 2010

Les Eco Tropheés du Cadre Vie 2010, France, an award given to companies that contribute to the environment.


PlanWood, the New Upcycling Material

PlanToys upcycled surplus sawdust from production to produce zero waste, combined it with organic pigments and non-formaldehyde glue and used a thermal process to form them into shapes. This new material, PlanWood, allows us to create more durable toys that have more play value, reduce the production process, and are friendly to workers, consumers, and the environment.

PlanToys Material

Mom-Made Toys Project

PlanToys founded the Mom-Made Toys project to give back to society in celebration of our 30th anniversary. We have collaborated with parents of special needs and Lowe Thailand, designing toys to help support the development of children with cerebral palsy, autism, and visual impairment. We produce toys that enrich the lives of 10,185 children with special needs.

PlanToys Mom-Made Toys

Build-a-Robot, a toy for supporting emotional development

PlanToys Robot Featuring a contemporary design, the Build-a-Robot is created to specifically address the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The robot intends to support emotional development and awareness while enhancing a child’s sensory and fine motor skills.


Utilizing microwave technology to keep weevils out

Microwave technology is a green method that uses a microwave for drying – helping to preserve the quality of agricultural products while also causing the evaporation of moisture from wood at low temperatures. At the same time, this technology destroys weevils and insects in the wood without using chemicals and insecticides.

This project is developed from research by Dr.Mudtorlep Nisoa, the Supervisor of Plasma Technology for the Agricultural Applications Research Laboratory at Walailak University in Thailand.

Biomass gasification power plant

PlanToys Biomass PlanToys comes up with the idea of transforming the raw materials of rubber trees into fuel gas to generate electricity, with a generation capacity of 5 MW, to supply the factory and sell to the electricity authority in Trang in order to supply nearby communities.


The Launch of Braille and Hand Sign Play Set.

We are aware of the importance of play accessibility, so we have also developed products for children with visual and hearing impairments. So that children in all conditions can promote development through play equally.


Water Play Set, the wooden toy that can play in the water

From the discovery of PlanWood, we can expand our design to make toys in the Water Play Set. Since every PlanWood product passes through a thermal process to form its shape resulting in it has a higher density than solid wood – making it can float on water. In addition, we coated it with water-based lacquer to make a perfect play material for water.

PlanToys Water Play Set


PlanToys launches PlanHome for children to utilize and create a joyful home of their own. The products are minimal in design and multifunctional that can fit in every house.

Red Dot Design Award: Table & Chair

“This children’s furniture is both sturdy and yet charming and gives style to the children’s room due to its reduced organic formal language.”

Statement by the jury, Red Dot Award 2015

PlanToys PlanHome table and chair

The table and chair of the PlanHome collection feature an elegant bentwood design. The multifunctional table has a tabletop with chalkboard coating and two storage compartments; the chair is ergonomically designed according to the children’s physique. The durable furniture is made from the sustainable material PlanWood, which, among other materials, is composed of sawdust resulting from the manufacture of the company’s toy production.


The Balancing Cactus, the most recognized award toys

The Balancing Cactus was selected by JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.18 in 2016, making it the most prized and recognized product of PlanToys to date. The Balancing Cactus has received other awards and recognitions, including the Good Toy Award Japan 2016, the German Design Prize, Spiel Gut Award, and Harper’s Bazaar Junior Toy Award.

PlanToys Balancing Cactus

PlanToys Jumping Acrobat Jumping Acrobat

“The Jumping Acrobat is a child-friendly wooden toy with a design reduced to essentials and encourages children to experiment.”

Statement by the jury, Red Dot Award 2016

With this wooden toy in a child-friendly design, the game is to make the little wooden doll jump onto the upper blue platform. To do this trick, the children must move the blue bars and discover how to get the perfect result. By this means, they learn the relationship between force and motion playfully. At the same time, the Jumping Acrobat promotes the children’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and powers of observation.

PlanToys Jumping Acrobat PlanMini

We launch PlanMini products into the market to target both children and parents. This miniaturized toy series encourages little ones to enjoy anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

PlanToys Ramp Racer Red Dot Design Award: Ramp Racer

“The Ramp Racer is sturdy and yet elegantly designed. The visual contrast between the wooden track and the colored racing cars makes it easy for children to follow the speedy cars.”

Statement by the jury, Red Dot Award 2017

This wooden car racetrack for young children is convincing with its reserved design. Only the small cars in yellow, blue, and red are brightly colored, with the result that even the smallest children can follow them easily with their eyes while the cars race downwards. The track with four levels in cascade style is robust and manufactured from natural materials. It stimulates hand-eye coordination, which is an advantage when the children later start to paint, read, and write, as well as gaining an initial understanding of the principle of cause and effect.

Good Toy Award, Japan: Gears & Puzzles - Deluxe, Jumping Acrobat, Weightlifting Acrobat, and Clapping Roller

The PlanToys Gears & Puzzles - Deluxe, Jumping Acrobat, Weightlifting Acrobat, and Clapping Roller are awarded the Good Toy Award, Japan 2018.

PlanToys Good Toy Award

PlanToys PlanNeramit PlanNeramit, a PlanToys creative hub where children and families can enjoy play-based learning together

We establish PlanNeramit in Sathorn 10 Bangkok, an imaginative playhouse and children's theatre where families can enjoy play-based learning together – driven by the concept of "I play, therefore I learn." Today is PlanToys Play Experience Service.


PlanToys Natural Rubber Toys PlanToys Launches Natural Rubber Toys

We started using natural rubber to produce toys to extend the use of the rubber tree. Our rubber toys are crafted using natural rubber and the safest formulas, ensuring they are suitable for children, toymakers, and the environment. Moreover, the rubber's flexible properties enhance the play value of our toys.

The Forest of Play Exhibition

This playable exhibition allows children and families to have fun together. Various play stations help develop the four essential developmental areas: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. 90% of the play stations are made from recycled materials from the PlanToys factory. This exhibition also helps PlanToys set an example as a toy manufacturer – showing customers and the industry that our business extends well beyond wooden toy production.

PlanToys Forest of Museum

The Officially Opening of the Forest of Play Bangkok

After the Forest of Play Exhibition ended, we moved the exhibit to the PlanNeramit building. Now, there is an additional play area where children can enjoy educational, active, musical, pretend, and nature plays in various ways. We intend to maintain this play area for children and families to come and spend time together.

New Sustainable Packaging

We put the carbon footprint icon that specifies the amount of greenhouse gas released from our production process on our new packaging as a commitment to minimize our negative impact on the environment every year. In addition, the product placement is now more organized inside each package with reused paper from old packaging boxes, and it also reduces crashes during transport.

Initially, our boxes included 4-color offset printing. We have since transitioned to a plain brown box made from recycled fiber with a printed label to reduce ink usage and printing area. We currently produce boxes in 28 sizes and have reduced our box variety by 50%.

PlanToys Sustainable Packaging

Good Toy Award, Japan: Ballet Top & Buzz Bee

Good Toy Association Japan awards the PlanToys Ballet Top and Buzz Bee the Good Toy Award 2019.

PlanToys Good Toy Award

PlanToys Toys Library

We initiated this project during the COVID-19 epidemic that prevented children from playing outside, so we have a free lending service to play at home.

Forest of Play Trang

Forest of Play Trang is an extension of the Forest of Play Bangkok as a large indoor and outdoor play area. We have moved the Toy Museum here to be a total learning play area for children, families, and school field trips amid the authentic forest atmosphere. We built the Forest of Play at Plan Campus, which used to be employees’ residences in Trang Province, close to our factory location.

PlanToys Toys Clinic

We established a toy clinic for repairing broken PlanToys toys to extend their lifespan to support Sustainable Play.


PlanToys Toy Library-The toy rental service

After we launched a free lending service, we collected information from the families who used to lend our toys to develop our service by creating a rental system. This online platform will allow families to rent PlanToys playthings and storybooks to expand children’s learning. It also helps to reduce the burden of buying toys and overflowing them. Children can have the opportunity to play with quality, safe, and more variety of toys. Throughout the membership, we lend out over 100 items that help develop physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills for various age ranges.

● PlanToys Toy Library at Sathorn 10

The project started in April 2021 as a subscription rental program. Each set of toys comes with a storybook to enhance learning. The rental price is affordable to help reduce the burden of expenses for parents.

● PlanToys Toy Library X Public Library

PlanToys Toy Library at TK Park

It started in June 2021. Since this time, a total of 1,082 play sets have been rented. TK Park members can rent toys for free.  ( More information https://www.tkpark.or.th/eng/page/toy-library )

PlanToys Toy Library in the South of Thailand

We create a play corner at the public library where children can rent toys free of charge. There are currently 4 locations:

1. Chalerm Rajkumari Public Library, Yan Ta Khao District, Trang Province.
2. Public Library, Nuea Khlong District, Krabi Province.
3. Public Library, Khao Wiset District, Trang Province.
4. Public Library, Mueang Trang District.

Solar Roof

The 1,851 solar panels have been installed at the PlanToys factory to reduce carbon emissions from electricity used. This will reduce about 400 tCO2e per year, equivalent to a 30% reduction in electricity consumption or planting 42,105 trees yearly.

Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program: T-VER

We are working on a 1,600,000 Sqm. T-VER project. It is the GHG emission reduction program developed by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) to encourage and support all farmers to sustainably manage their rubber plantations and participate in the GHG emission reduction program. Furthermore, they can sell the resulting reduction units or carbon credits.

Better Aging Collection

Due to the social issue of the generation gap and the growing elderly population, PlanToys has designed and developed the Better Aging Collection. They collaborated with Thai brain and geriatric specialists to create this collection, which is suitable for children aged three years old to the elderly. The collection aims to support the deceleration of brain performance, including physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and leisure aspects.


Thailand Green Design Award: Wonky Fruit & Vegetables Set and Cargo ship

Wonky Fruit & Vegetables Set and Cargo ship have been awarded first place in the Thailand Green Design Awards, Resource Efficiency category.

Innovation Award by Kind + Jugend ASEAN 2023: Pull Along Hedgehog

The Pull Along Hedgehog won the Innovation Award for the World of Kids Toys category. In addition, the Rubber Convertible Boat was selected as a nominee in the same category.

ASTRA Play Award 2023: Cheese and Charcuterie Board

PlanToys' Cheese and Charcuterie Board received the highest number of votes at the ASTRA Play Awards 2023 in the ECO Category.

ASTRA Excellence Award: Manufacturer of the Year

PlanToys received the Manufacturer of the Year 2023 Award from the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association.