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Babies and Their Napping Behaviors

Babies and Their Napping Behaviors

Babies and Their Napping Behaviors

Babies and Their Napping Behaviors

Many questions might be popped up in your minds when your babies are sleepy in daytime.

“If I let my babies take a nap now, will they be able to sleep at night?”
“Will they wake me up and try to play with me all night long?”

Well, the answer is if you want your babies to stay healthy and effectively enhance their development skills, napping is the answer! Parents may already know that sleep is crucial for them, especially those younger ones.

Here is how it works. Benefits of Nap Napping helps your babies learn better! Babies who take naps tend to remember what you teach better than those who do not. Napping is not only beneficial for cognitive learning but also for physical development. However, the problem is that most parents are afraid of their babies not being able to sleep at night. In fact, they will get a better bedtime! On the other hand, if they don’t get any naps, they can be overtired and get insufficient and ineffective sleep at night. Also, if they don’t get a nap, they may develop negative emotional towards others as they will feel anxious and stressed.

Moreover, daytime napping also gives parents a break to complete your tasks. When and How Long? 6-month-old babies need at least two naps a day. The appropriate times would be one at mid-morning and the other at midday. The duration of napping may last 20 to 60 minutes each time. PlanToys® would recommend parents to stick naptime to a schedule as they will learn to sleep by themselves. How to Get Your Babies to Nap? What parents should do to get babies sleep are to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. You may try to use soothing lullabies, a massage therapy, a warm bath or a breastfeeding.

However, these activities should be done before they feel exhausted, otherwise, overtired will affect their emotions and a quality of their naptimes and bedtimes. Now, let’s bring your babies to nap and let them wake up with happiness and eagerness to learn and continue their activities!

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