Developmental Play at School: Fun and Essential for Learning!

Developmental Play at School: Fun and Essential for Learning!

Developmental Play at School: Fun and Essential for Learning!

Developmental Play at School: Fun and Essential for Learning!


“Mommy, I don’t want to go to the school.”

Most parents may encounter the same problem repeatedly every morning. In their younger stages, your little ones will be so clingy to you that they refuse to leave your side. Right at that moment you know how tough taking kids to school can be. As time passes by, and your kids grow to yet another stage, they sometimes refuse to go to school as it might not be fun for them.

What could be the reasons behind this? Firstly, academic learning might be boring and unpleasant for them. Kids enjoy playing because it gives them limitless fun and freedom. Secondly, some do not understand academic matters adults try to teach—and that is when adults find it hard to teach kids. The process of teaching also matters. As a result, kids tend to develop an “I don’t want to go to the school.” attitude.  

Learning is crucial. It starts from the first blink of life. Therefore, kids need strong support from their parents and teachers, especially during the first six years of life where their brains develop at a faster rate. Moreover, educational neglect can become a huge problem affecting their future when grown up.

The above reasons inspire PlanToys to see that “Learning is essential, and it can be fun at the same time.” In order to make learning fun and attractive to kids, we apply “Play-based Learning” to all toys. Just take PlanToys Learning & Education toys as an example. The products aim to be the best friends of toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. To support children with fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration, PlanToys also provides various shapes of blocks in our Essential Series toys, where mathematical skills play an important role. The skills include counting, sorting, ordering, sizes, and shapes.

But how do toys actually work? Younger kids will get hands-on experiences from playing since they are not able to understand academic learning to the fullest. Trio Stacking and Ordering Blocks, the products coming with different sizes and colors of blocks, allow kids to learn ordering smallest to biggest and vice versa, as well as to categorize different colors. Acting as learning materials, toys can take a role in leading kids to a more special way of learning since direct learning might not be favorable for everyone. Encouraging them to take hands-on actions can probably create more effective results than memorization—and with more fun, too. Taking a direct math problem as an example, 2 plus 2 equals 4 might not be understandable for everyone, but adding 2 blocks to increase the amount could be more tangible.


To sum up, learning is essential for kids, and they can get effective learning without getting stressed out since it can be interesting, fun and appealing for them!

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