Happy Employees, Healthy Organization

Happy Employees, Healthy Organization

Happy Employees, Healthy Organization

Organizational welfare is vital in fostering quality of life and cultivating employee happiness in the workplace.

Mrs. Penprapa Rawangwong, the compassionate steward of employee well-being at PlanToys. As the Human Resources and Administration Manager, she fosters a workplace where every team member thrives.

Organizational welfare is crucial for enhancing employees' quality of life and happiness. Creating a positive work environment and ensuring employee satisfaction isn't just a matter of concern; it's vital for the success and longevity of any organization. At PlanToys, we prioritize care, balancing employees' personal and professional lives. Good welfare practices enhance employees’ quality of life and alleviate daily burdens.

PlanToys offers a range of comprehensive welfare programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of today's workforce, covering financial, health, and family development aspects. Providing robust welfare support across all these areas strengthens our work environment and contributes to employee happiness. This commitment extends beyond legal obligations; we go the extra mile to offer additional benefits to motivate and foster a strong corporate culture. Here are some examples:

Holidays and Leave: We provide ample holidays and leave, exceeding legal requirements, to afford employees flexibility and balance between their personal and professional commitments. This includes granting leave for birthdays and allowing time off to attend family ceremonies or funerals.

Life and Health Insurance: All PlanToys employees are covered by life and health insurance, ensuring peace of mind and security for their health and future.

Savings and Shop Cooperatives: We encourage savings and community building by offering employees the opportunity to participate in savings and shop cooperatives, fostering a sense of solidarity within the organization.

Provident Fund: Our scheme aims to secure employees' retirement funds, allowing them to accumulate savings conveniently for their future financial stability.

By prioritizing employee welfare through these initiatives, PlanToys aims to create a supportive and fulfilling workplace environment, ultimately contributing to our organization's success and our employees' well-being.

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