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Encouraging A Young Taurus

Encouraging A Young Taurus

Encouraging A Young Taurus

Tauruses understand the importance of preparation and hard work. These traits help them complete any task they set their mind to, regardless of the obstacles. The pretend play category is perfect to prepare them for all of their future endeavors! We recommend the Road System for children ages 3 and up who are ready to take on their first project. This set includes 27 tracks, 1 bridge, 1 car, 1 street light, 4 bushes, and endless possibilities. A child building an entire city by themselves is quite the accomplishment! 

Children who enjoy pretend play are prone to assist in the kitchen, Tauruses especially! This play category is not only an essential part of childhood, but it’s also the perfect way for children to discover their interests. For the young Taurus that enjoys cooking, we recommend the Kitchen Set. This well-crafted kitchen is designed for ages 2 and up. It includes turning knobs, an oven, a frying pan, a pot and a spatula. Everything they need in order to recreate dad’s famous spaghetti!  

A Taurus is likely to stop and smell the flowers. They appreciate nature, and have a keen sense when it comes to identifying remarkable objects. To satisfy their sophisticated taste, we recommend toys that can serve multiple functions, and grow with them. The Balance Board has proven to be a favorite for ages 3 and up. By sitting atop the curved form, a child develops their posture, body control, and physical strength. Children can use the board solely, or attach the rope to act as handles. This not only encourages safe and active play at home, but can also serve as a seat for outdoor picnics and group conversations – especially for a Taurus that’s more inclined to wiggle in place! 

Water Blocks are also likely to be favored by a Taurus. Suited for ages 3 and up, these blocks encourage building, shape, and color recognition skills. Children are also entertained by their visual appeal. 

Taurses have an empathic nature, and enjoy the company of others. In order to nurture these tendencies, we recommend toys that can be easily shared with friends and family. The Slide N Go Dollhouse is ideal for individual and group play. Children will have hours of fun designing each space with a variety of furniture, and sliding doors to reconfigure the layout. Its lightweight and compact design also makes it perfect to take along to play dates! 

Dollhouses are essential tools to encourage empathy as they allow children the freedom to create narratives and rehearse their feelings. Our Doll Families are an important component to complete any dollhouse! You can view more doll families by visiting this link, and filtering by pretend play. 

Whether it’s taking on their first challenge, or designing a living room in their new dollhouse, we wish every young Taurus a childhood filled with joy and wonder!  

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