Is your child a picky eater?

Is your child a picky eater?

Is your child a picky eater?

We have some helpful tips that we have collected from our Child Development Specialists🍝

1. Schedule snack time in the afternoon at least 2-3 hours before dinner. This way, they'll have a chance to work up an appetite beforehand.

2. Let children eat independently. For kids who are old enough to eat by themselves, we should let them! When a child has the opportunity to eat without feeling pressured to finish their plate or eat at a certain pace, they're more likely to enjoy mealtime and eat what's in front of them.

3. Invite children to cook with you. Spending time together in the kitchen will make them feel more involved in the meal. Let them choose some of the ingredients or allow them to have a say in what's for dinner!

4. Encourage your child. When your child tries eating something new, validate their choice and applaud them! Reinforce adjustments in eating habits to remind kids that they're supported and doing a good job.

5. Set an example. If we want our children to be good eaters, we need to set an example! Do your best to set an example for your child at mealtime. They learn so much by watching!


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