The Seamless Blend of Entertainment and Education: The Unit Plus Series

The Seamless Blend of Entertainment and Education: The Unit Plus Series

The Seamless Blend of Entertainment and Education: The Unit Plus Series

The Inspiration Behind the Series

The idea for our Unit Plus series emerged when we recognized the immense potential to create engaging experiences that seamlessly blend entertainment, learning, and development. Our mission was clear: infuse learning with enjoyment and distinguish ourselves within the industry. We set out to design toys that capture children's attention and enhance their learning journeys.

The Heart of Unit Plus

At the core of Unit Plus lies a brilliant yet simple concept – toys that children can easily grasp and enjoy as educational tools while fostering open-ended play. Our aim is to provide an environment that's both fun and educational, enabling boundless exploration. Designed systematically, each Unit Plus playset complements the others, offering children an expansive and ever-evolving play experience.

Standing Out from the Crowd

What truly sets our series apart is the adaptability of each item. As children grow, these toys seamlessly integrate with more advanced playthings, ensuring endless play value. We introduce versatile concepts that nurture both education and imagination, cultivating creativity.

From ages 18 months to 3 years and beyond, these open-ended toys serve as invaluable playtime companions. Watch as toddlers delve into a realm of colors, shapes, and sizes while young learners conquer foundational math skills. It's a perfect fusion of learning and fun, all in one package.

Milestones for Different Ages

Early Toddler (18 Months+)
- Recommended Toy: Nesting Puzzle, Colored Counting Blocks, Cone Sorting.
- Basic Awareness: Recognizing certain numbers and quantities like "more" and "less."
- Shape Recognition: Beginning to identify basic shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles.
- Spatial Concepts: Developing a basic understanding of positions like "in" and "out."

Toddler (2 Years+)
- Recommended Toys: Geo Lacing Beads, Fraction Blocks.
- Counting: Counts a few objects, often up to 3 or 4, with some assistance.
- Quantity: Grasping the concept of numbers representing amounts while comparing sizes.
- Shape and Color Matching: Recognizing and matching shapes and colors.

Preschooler (3 Years+)
- Recommended Toys: 100 Counting Cubes, Ten Frame.
Counting: Counts more accurately, up to 10 or beyond, while understanding one-to-one correspondence.
- Basic Addition and Subtraction: Grasping adding and subtracting objects.
- Shape and Pattern Recognition: Identifying various shapes, recognizing and creating simple patterns.

Please keep in mind that these milestones are general guidelines and children may naturally develop at varying speeds.

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