PlanToys and HARV Collaborate: Crafting Sustainable Design Excellence

PlanToys and HARV Collaborate: Crafting Sustainable Design Excellence

PlanToys and HARV Collaborate: Crafting Sustainable Design Excellence

Bryde's: The Ride-On Chair

Introducing the Bryde's, a remarkable collaboration between PlanToys and HARV, a prominent brand in Thailand's furniture industry. This innovative creation takes its place within the STYLE Bangkok Collaboration Project 2023, an initiative project by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce. The project's objective is to drive lifestyle product entrepreneurs and various industries towards collaborative ventures in crafting locally and globally appealing lifestyle products, all in alignment with the Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) framework.

PlanToys and HARV have embarked on a collaboration united by a joint value proposition: creating products that transcend conventional norms through exceptional design, highlighting functionality, usability, and a steadfast commitment to environmental friendliness. Our collective efforts have been dedicated to crafting products that utilize eco-friendly materials and ingeniously repurpose residual resources from factories, minimizing waste during production. This collaboration serves as a dynamic platform to harness our diverse potential, resulting in the birth of versatile, enduring products tailored to the preferences of the new generation of workers who seek both enjoyment and authenticity in their work environments.

The synergy between a play designer and a furniture designer has birthed "Bryde's," an extraordinary ride-on chair meticulously inspired by the graceful form of a Bryde whale. This creation captivates through its elegant design and enhances amusement through its innovative ride-on functionality.

PlanToys extends heartfelt gratitude to the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) for spearheading this remarkable project. Their visionary leadership has facilitated the exchange of knowledge and novel ideas, allowing us to introduce our offerings to new markets. We also express profound appreciation to our collaborators at HARV, whose unwavering commitment throughout the process has been instrumental. Together, we stand united in our dedication to sustainable environmental practices, championing resource efficiency and paving the way for a more responsible and promising future.

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