PlanToys Continues to Inspire at Global Trade Expositions

PlanToys Continues to Inspire at Global Trade Expositions

PlanToys Continues to Inspire at Global Trade Expositions

We've had the opportunity to travel and meet our customers and partners worldwide. We've observed trends in the toy market by participating in fairs across the globe. We attended The Mir Detstva 2023 International Toy Fair, the New York Toy Fair, and the China Toy Expo in the past month. These experiences gave us valuable insights to shape our future business development.

The Mir Detstva 2023 International Toy Fair, Russia

 We participated in The Mir Detstva 2023 International Toy Fair with our partner, Konik, who showcased our products at this fair. Although the number of attendees this year was lower than in previous years, about 10-15% less, there was significant interest in our products. We presented our brand story through the displayed products, and our partner surveyed the 300 attendees to assess their perception and interest in PlanToys. More than 20% preferred PlanToys as a brand and were interested in learning more about our products. We appreciate Konik for increasing our visibility and gathering valuable customer insights through the survey.



New York Toy Fair 2023

New York Toy Fair was a much-anticipated reunion of toy industry professionals in the US, and it did not disappoint. PlanToys had members from their global team in attendance from PlanToys Thailand, Europe, and America to meet with partners worldwide, most notably North and South America. We had meetings with the press to share news and new launches. A few of the standout items that caught the eyes of attendees were our ASTRA Play Award-winning Cheese & Charcuterie Board, the Seafood Platter, our Rubber & Road sets, and our classics such as the Rainbow Alligator and Mini Golf set. The press and guests were also buzzing about the new Play Boxes launched in partnership with LALO and all the awards and nominations it has won for its design, sustainable manufacturing, and play value.


China Toy Expo 2023, Shanghai

The China Toy Expo 2023 had a significant number of attendees. The PlanToys booth was very attractive, designed by our partner, Shanghai Sharing. Our booth remained crowded throughout the event, with many people showing genuine interest in our products, particularly our unique story, quality, and design. Despite the challenging Chinese economy, our team is successfully spreading the PlanToys message, resulting in increased business compared to 2022. While some brands have tried to copy our product designs, but they can't replicate our commitment to quality and responsible practices towards the environment, customers, and employees.

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