The Environment and Sustainability Award 2024 goes to the PlanToys Green Dollhouse

The Environment and Sustainability Award 2024 goes to the PlanToys Green Dollhouse

The Environment and Sustainability Award 2024 goes to the PlanToys Green Dollhouse

Congratulations to our Green Dollhouse for winning the Environmental and Sustainability Award 2024 from the Australian Toy Association! 

This is not just a win; it's a milestone for eco-friendly innovation and conscious play. The PlanToys Green Dollhouse is one of our most intentionally designed dollhouses. It reflects our Sustainable Way. Its energy-efficient design showcases our desire to teach little ones about the importance of sustainable living. The house comes complete with so many realistic functions: a wind turbine, solar panel, electric inverter, group of recycling bins, rain barrel, bio-facade, and blind that can adjust the amount of sunlight and air circulation. By being exposed to these concepts through imaginative play, we hope that children will be more tuned in with eco-friendly methods of living.


Why does our Green Dollhouse deserve to win?

Material Content
The primary materials are reclaimed rubberwood and PlanWood. Reclaimed Rubberwood is from a rubber tree that no longer produces latex after 25 years; PlanToys gives it value by upcycling it.

Reuse and Redeployment
Since our Green Dollhouse is made of wood, they are durable and can be passed down from generation to generation until it reaches the end of its life cycle. Additionally, they are biodegradable.

PlanToys applied eco-design principles in toy manufacturing, focusing on resource efficiency. The essential practices we incorporate in designing our Green Dollhouse include:

- Use of Common Parts: We utilize common parts that can be shared with other products, promoting production efficiency.

- Optimized Wood Usage: We strategically place patterns on a single sheet to minimize wood waste.

- Innovative Roof Design: Instead of using curved wood that requires additional energy for mold production, we have designed roofs by lacing wooden panels together to create a curved structure, reducing resource consumption and energy usage.

Social Sustainability
We actively promote our value of "Better Kids, Better World through Sustainable Play,” supporting projects that contribute to society and the environment. Some notable initiatives include:

- From 2018 to 2021, PlanToys donated 1 euro to Kromkommer for every box of Wonky Fruit & Vegetable Sets sold, resulting in a total contribution of 16,857 USD.

- PlanToys collaborated with six public libraries in Thailand to establish play corners, which offered children opportunities to play with and borrow toys and books.

- PlanToys partnered with local farmers of rubber and palm plantations around the factory on the T-Ver initiative, aiming to provide knowledge in sustainable plantation management to reduce approximately 5,581 tCO2e by 2025.

Carbon Footprint
We will lead the organization toward carbon neutrality by 2025.
PlanToys releases about 3,337 tons of CO2e from machines, vehicles, materials, waste, and energy use (Scope 1 and 2 emissions). Despite this, we're actively minimizing our footprint by using resources from a 30 km radius around the factory to save time and reduce carbon emissions from transportation, joining the T-Ver program, participating in annual reforestation, installing solar panels, and creating circularity to extend toys’ life cycles. Learn more

The PlanToys Green Dollhouse is meticulously crafted to educate children about sustainable living. Equipped with realistic features such as a wind turbine, solar panel, recycling bins, and more, it fosters eco-consciousness through imaginative play, encouraging kids to embrace environmentally friendly practices.

Our Packaging is made from cardboard boxes with paper labels; it is easy to recycle to PAP 20 and PAP 22.

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