Sustainable World

PlanToys Circularity

When designing toys, we prioritize sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle. We consider sourcing materials, design principles using eco-design principles, responsible manufacturing practices for the environment and workers at every stage, distribution methods, creating the best play experiences for customers, and offering new services to extend the lifespan of toys, even managing products that have reached the end of their life.

Since 2021, we have implemented a circular economy approach in our business operations. This approach aims to promote sustainable business growth by efficiently managing resources and fostering the reuse of resources and materials. This results in a reduction in waste generation, ultimately leading to a zero-waste environment.

At PlanToys, we use reclaimed rubberwood that no longer produces latex to make wooden toys instead of wasting it. With the surplus sawdust from the toy-making process, we bring innovation to create "PlanWood" to increase the value of waste materials. We use latex to produce rubber toys; the properties of natural rubber make it possible to increase the play value effectively because of its exibility. The leftover wood pieces will be used as fuel to produce heat energy for the PlanWood process. PlanToys has developed an eco-friendly practice in every angle of what we do to produce zero waste, including the following services, which sets us apart from other brands.

Forest of Play

The nature-inspired play space helps enhance all areas of child development. Both at Bangkok and Trang, the play spaces are built from our leftover materials from our factory and nearby community in Trang province.

Toy Clinic

Our Toy Clinic is located at our headquarters in Bangkok. If you need a PlanToys item repaired or wish to purchase replacement parts, please get in touch with us at

Toy Rental Service

We partnered with Keimen Kids in the toy rental service paired with storybooks. This is a sustainable way for parents to support their child's play without overspending on toys that their child will quickly outgrow.

Secondhand Toys

If you are in the USA, you can sell your PlanToys with our collaborators, Toy Cycle, in the United States. With this collaboration, you can help extend the lifespan of our toys.


We started the PlayCycle in 2021 to encourage passing down PlanToys toys that have been outgrown to keep our toys in the circularity loop and not end up in a landfill. Because of the quality, PlanToys items can be passed on from generation to generation, inviting little ones to share, collaboratively play, and develop an understanding of sustainability.