Finding An Elephant

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Let’s find an elephant! Start the game by tossing the dices to see what colors you get, then find an elephant which has the same color correspond to the colors on the dices. The winner is the person who can collect the most tokens. Kids will enjoy and also develop visual discrimination while playing this game. Ideal for 1-2 players

  • Made for 2 players or solo play
  • Children will enjoy and develop visual categorization through play
  • Teaches colors and pattern matching
  • Made with sustainable materials in Thailand

Factors for Child Development:

No factors found for child development.

Package Dimension (W x L x H) :

7.4 in X 2.24 in X 7.4 in

18.8 cm X 5.69 cm X 18.8 cm

Product Dimension (W x L x H) :

1.57 in X 1.57 in X 0.24 in

4 cm X 4 cm X 0.6 cm

Package Weight :
0.49 lb
0.22 kg
*The biggest part:
Wooden Planks
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