Animal Memo, multipurpose memo game for all ages

Animal Memo, multipurpose memo game for all ages

Animal Memo, multipurpose memo game for all ages

Animal Memo is the game that combines animal recognition with matching at home or on the go!

What’s in the set?

Animal Memo includes wooden titles with a curved design, making it easy for small hands to grasp. It includes 10 various animal graphics and a storage bag for travel.

Below is a list of what you can play with the set:


Memo Game

Shuffle the tiles and place them face down. Once the tiles are all laid out, proceed to flip over 2 tiles at once and collect your matches. Make it a challenge by naming the habitat or facts about each animal you match, or add a timer!

Animals Memo will help stimulate brain functions, concentration, and focus. The visuals also allow children to strengthen their memory skills, especially for young children and seniors. People of all ages can developmentally benefit from this game, cognitively and socially.


Animals Memo can be a learning tool, especially for younger age groups still learning their colors, shapes, and animals.


Children can expand their vocabulary from this set by being encouraged to say the animals aloud, including how to identify them. For children new to these skills, this set can begin as a guide for storytelling.


Storytelling offers children the opportunity to express themselves in multiple forms. Adults can also view life from another perspective while getting to know a child's experience and creativity through their stories. Activities such as this inspire and delight people of all ages!

Animal Fun Facts

Adults can share interesting facts about animals to engage children while educating them on the importance of caring and respecting nature and all living things.

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