Recall your memories with Build-A-Face game!

Recall your memories with Build-A-Face game!

Recall your memories with Build-A-Face game!

We're proud to launch our new collection, the Better Aging series. This series came from the discovery that seniors also need to maintain their sensory and cognitive development, just as children do. It was also created from our ongoing mission to bring multi-generational people together to engage in play and create memories. We hope that with this series, we can help strengthen senior brain development in a joyful way while also strengthening family bonds.

What’s in the set?

The set includes 1 two-sided face with different skin tones, 21 facial components, and a storage bag. All are designed to be easy to grasp for children and seniors.


How does this set help with development?

Both children and seniors require ongoing practice for cognitive and fine motor development. For seniors, it’s important to continue to strengthen their existing abilities, whereas children are learning these skills for the first time.

Social and Communication

This set encourages conversation between players. By making faces both familiar and new, people exchange ideas, ask questions, recall old memories, and learn to be descriptive.

By playing with Build-A-Face, adults can teach children about the differences among people to teach diversity. It helps all of us embrace each other’s differences, including what makes us unique and beautiful.

Family bonding

Spending time together helps seniors recall memories, and children learn from the family members with the most life experiences. With this, seniors are more likely to improve their emotional development as they gain self-esteem and feel loved and respected.


There are so many possibilities with Build-A-Face! Make it a 2-player challenge by writing out the names of well-known people and asking both players to build their faces. The player who can make the most likenesses in the least time wins. Keep the fun going by building a familiar face and asking other players to guess who it is.


The face components in the set can build a variety of expressions which helps develop emotional intelligence in children – recognizing different emotions and how to process or respond to them.

Brain Development

As children play with Build-A-Face, they are expanding their problem-solving skills and improving their overall brain health.

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