Help Kids Develop Cognitive Thinking

Help Kids Develop Cognitive Thinking

Help Kids Develop Cognitive Thinking

It’s important to encourage children to think, analyze, and develop decision-making skills. Below are some suggestions to help children develop cognitive thinking skills:


Encourage Questions & Solutions: Children love to ask questions! Guide them through a solution by asking them more questions and giving examples.

Open-ended Play: This type of play allows children to develop their imagination and creativity. They practice through scenario-based learning. When unexpected events happen, they’ll be able to think logically and work toward a resolution.

Think Outside the Box: Help children find their confidence! Teach them to follow steps, but also encourage them to innovate and find their own way around a problem.

Nature Play: Just like all of the above, nature play invites children to explore. Encourage children to think and observe while sparking their creativity and social skills from unexpected events.  


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