We embrace diversity.

We embrace diversity.

We embrace diversity.

At PlanToys, we respect diversity and believe in individual potential. Therefore, we emphasize developing professional skills suitable for each person's aptitude.

We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Nirun Kaewpitak, Wood Forming Department Officer, and Mr. Atithat Raksasee, Warehouse Officer, about their feelings after they became PlanToys family members.


“This organization takes good care of us. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work without gender bias. I've been here for a long time, and I love my job because PlanToys gives us a better quality of life.”

Mr. Nirun Kaewpitak
Wood Forming Department Officer

How did you become part of the PlanToys family?

I've been working at PlanToys for 27 years. I started out looking for a job to support my family, and I wanted a position close to home because I had to take care of my mother. So when I came across PlanToys, I tried to apply without hesitation. When I got a job near my home and had enough monthly income to support my family, I have worked here for a long time until today.


What challenges did you face while working here, and how did you cope with them?

The challenge is that I don't have a graduate degree, so we have to fight to learn more than others. But I love my job and try my best to fight for effective work. Fortunately, I am in a good working environment, and our coworkers understand and accept me, so I do not feel divided. Everyone helps each other without gender bias.


How were you able to apply PlanToys’ core values to your position?

For me, the quality of work comes first. The organization allows me to work regardless of my educational background. Therefore, I must create quality work worthy of the opportunity that PlanToys has given me.


“I’m happy at PlanToys. Thank you for giving me a chance to work. It is difficult to look for a job because of my hearing loss. But PlanToys give me a chance, and I will do my best on my job responsibility.”

Mr. Atithat Raksasee
Warehouse Officer



Why did you choose to work at PlanToys?

I live in Trang, and the factory was nearby my home. In addition, PlanToys hired me because I have forklift driving skills and overlooked my hearing impairment. They encourage me to show my potential.


Could you share your experience working at PlanToys?

I like this place very much because I work and feel comfortable. Some jobs are easy, and some are difficult, but the supervisor is always helpful and supportive. But in the beginning, I was apprehensive and afraid to communicate with others and make them misunderstand because I couldn't hear. But after staying for a while, I didn’t feel difficult because all my colleagues adapted to each other. Although sometimes I have to write to communicate with them, everyone understands and accepts the difference.

At present, I have developed myself more. You don't have to write when communicating with me anymore because I can read your mouth when you are speaking. It's so much better for my communication skills improvement.

  • Our team consists of 650 employees of diverse backgrounds.
  • We support and encourage our team members to meet their true potential.
  • PlanToys is an equal opportunity employer and currently employs 7 team members with physical disabilities.
  • We are more than team members. We’re a diverse family.


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