Humans and nature: an inseparable relationship

Humans and nature: an inseparable relationship

Humans and nature: an inseparable relationship

PlanToys had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Charnchai Bindusen, the founder of the Rabbit in the Moon Foundation. The Rabbit in the Moon is dedicated to nurturing and encouraging children to care for the environment. Through various activities, the organization aims to foster an appreciation for the beauty of nature in children, with the hope that they will develop a lifelong relationship with the environment without causing harm.

During the talk, we discussed the importance of providing children with hands-on experiences to learn about nature.


Why is it essential for children to learn about nature?

"From the moment we are born, our connection to nature is undeniable. Babies rely on their mothers for nourishment, and mothers, in turn, depend on the natural world for food. Our lives are intricately intertwined with the ecosystem around us. However, in today's fast-paced, technology-driven society, we often find ourselves disconnected from nature. We panic if we misplace our phones or tablets, yet we may not bat an eye if a forest disappears. This lack of connection stems from a failure to recognize the value of nature.

Children, too, may not naturally feel this connection. They understand who provides for them and why – when they're hungry, they seek out their mothers because they know she provides food. Therefore, exposing children to nature creates experiences that lay the foundation for a basic understanding of our environment.

However, a child's interaction with nature differs from that of a wild animal acting on instinct. It requires a gradual introduction. As children gain experiences and knowledge, they develop deeper connections with the natural world. By gradually exposing them to nature, they begin to understand the intricate relationships within ecosystems. For example, they discover how certain insects rely on trees, which depend on soil, sunlight, and water. Regular exposure to nature helps children foster a love for the environment. It inspires them to live harmoniously with other living beings, shaping them into conscientious global citizens who cherish and protect the environment."


How can we help children feel and understand nature?

"Primarily, we must trigger emotions in them. Using emotions as a pathway to learning creates a lasting impact. We need to find tools that engage emotions, and that's where 'art' comes into play. We're not teaching art itself; we're using it as a tool because art speaks directly to our feelings without explaining things in a textbook way. When children feel happy or excited, learning becomes easier. It's like how PlanToys uses toys to help kids learn - the real magic happens when they're having fun playing.

Yet, the challenge of exposing children to nature lies in adapting to the environment, especially for urban-dwelling children who aren't accustomed to nature. They need to adapt to learning new, unfamiliar things. Without adapting, they won't find joy in the experience. Our role is to utilize art to develop five sensory skills, such as having them touch different surfaces in nature, smell the earth and trees, listen to nature's sounds, or observe the shapes of insects they encounter. They can better retain information by emphasizing observation, enhancing their learning experience. For instance, during this trip, we had children sculpt insects. After sculpting, they placed them on trees themselves. This ability to establish essential connections through art-based learning will effectively guide them, which is paramount."


What do children and families gain from joining PlanToys Family Trip?

"By immersing them in nature and engaging all five senses from an early age, we provide valuable opportunities for skill development. However, what truly distinguishes humans is our ability to enhance the learning process with supplementary tools. Whether it's through binoculars or toys, the quality of these tools is crucial. When children explore nature, it's our responsibility to enrich their experience with engaging activities. Yet, amidst the fun, children also absorb valuable benefits.

The mission of the foundation and PlanToys is to offer children the chance to discover and learn about nature, fostering their imagination and connection with the environment. Ultimately, we aim to make learning enjoyable, laying a strong foundation for a high-quality life."


Humans and nature: an inseparable relationship

"Nature is an essential part of our lives from birth to the end. But do we truly understand nature? We should ask ourselves what benefits nature provides us and, importantly, what we give back to nature. Instilling positive attitudes towards life by learning about our relationships with nature will help humans appreciate coexistence without prejudice, leading to environmentally friendly behavior as we grow up."

He concludes by reflecting on his childhood, which was deeply connected to nature in the countryside. It instilled in him a love for nature, as it does with the children who join PlanToys Family Trip.




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