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Musical Play Has Many Advantages Beyond Emotional Development!

Musical Play Has Many Advantages Beyond Emotional Development!

The PlanToys Team spoke with Ms. Chanikarn Jedsadapongpakdee, a Child Psychologist & Play Therapist. We asked her to share insights on the subject of musical therapy through musical play and are sharing our learnings with you today!


Musical play has many advantages beyond emotional development!


Physical: All physical movements while playing with musical toys help enhance both gross motor and fine motor skills. For example, children who play with a drum set can enhance fine motor skills by holding a drumstick and tapping it. They can use their feet for a drum pedal, helping with gross motor skills, and coordination. 


Intellectual: Learning about notes and lyrics stimulates children’s brains, and helps with memory. Focus and concentration skills are developed when playing with others, or forming a band! Fast and slow tempos help teach all the possibilities of music.


Social and emotional: Musical toys invite kids to express their emotions healthily. Children can play a drum to release any frustrations they may have. Shaking a Rain Maker can also help to reduce stress. 


We hope this information helps you understand how to navigate a child’s emotional wellness as they participate in musical play!

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