PlanToys Co-Talking Space

PlanToys Co-Talking Space

PlanToys Co-Talking Space



The valuable insights from Naruemon Rattanakaew, a member of the PlanToys family with over 15 years of experience, play a crucial role in effectively managing the end-to-end supply chain to align with the organization's sustainability policies. The global recognition of our product quality, which we have received, is primarily attributed to our meticulous selection of high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials right from the source.

The selection of raw materials for PlanToys' product manufacturing is challenging.

We initiate the search for raw materials based on the design requirements for each product. Apart from assessing functional needs, we consider whether the chosen products or raw materials align with the brand's specifications. Moreover, we prioritize sustainability by ensuring our selected materials are environmentally friendly. We consider product waste disposal as ecologically responsible and adhere to the ISO 14001 environmental and occupational health management standards. We can progress toward a sustainable future together when our employees, partners, and suppliers understand these principles.


Diversity fosters successful learning.

When working with multiple teams, encountering differing opinions is inevitable. Diverse perspectives in each meeting arise from the intention of working towards success and achieving goals. Therefore, we must be more open-minded and listen attentively when facing different views. Especially if we are in a position where decisions need to be made, we should first filter information to identify what is correct and should be carried forward. We need to exchange ideas and be willing to adapt to the direction that should be taken. Since we work as a team and have a close-knit family environment, we always keep opportunities open for exchanging opinions with one another.

At PlanToys, gender or diverse background is not a factor; everyone has equal opportunities to progress in their careers. Everyone can succeed if we are focused and attentive. Over the past 15 years, I have had numerous opportunities at PlanToys because they provide chances as long as we consistently give our best daily.


The organization's core values serve as our sustainability guiding compass.

 For me,

'Morals' are the key to elevating our work and selecting high-quality raw materials.

'Quality' should be infused into every aspect, not just in the products but also in how we approach our tasks.

'Green' means instilling environmental consciousness in every team member and aligning our efforts with the company's vision for sustainability. The definition of sustainability has many dimensions, not just environmental and financial aspects, but it must also include social aspects. Sustainability can be achieved only when we connect all these points into a cohesive whole.

 PlanToys Core Values: Potential l Creative l Respect l Moral l Quality l Green


Lasting Impressions, Valuable Experiences

PlanToys has continuously developed since I joined the company. However, the most impressive period was the past 2-3 years when we successfully navigated through challenging times. We faced the COVID-19 pandemic, but we effectively led the business through the pandemic. Another significant aspect was the top management's exceptional care and support for the employees, enabling us to adapt well to the demanding circumstances, which ultimately became our strength.

Working here has provided me with numerous benefits in various aspects. Apart from the income that supports me and my family, I also gain valuable experiences. Each day at work allows me to develop management skills as we encounter new challenges continuously. Additionally, I am instilled with a sense of environmental consciousness that we can apply to our daily lives at home.

The PlanToys factory is like my second home, where I spend 8 hours of my day. Every morning when I wake up, I often motivate myself to have strength, and what is important to me is living with dreams and hope. These are the driving force of my life every day. Even if we encounter problems or obstacles, we can unwind each day to be ready to start a new day with purpose.


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